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About Inkling Creative Strategies

Writing on a Notebook

All great writing starts with an inkling: an inspiration, a thought, a word, a person or place.

And in every inkling, there's the seed of a story that could grow into something bigger than you can imagine.

But growing anything is a process, & for writers, growth isn't meant to happen in a vacuum.

Inkling Creative Strategies helps writers take their ideas, manuscripts, poems, memoirs, instruction books (pretty much anything with words on a page) & build their inspiration into work that matters.


Like J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and their Inklings literature society, we build community, foster mentorship & provide an encouraging place for writers to receive fellowship & insight.

We take writers who feel like amateurs, who don't think they can do it alone...

...& transform them into real authors who make a real difference for readers...& for themselves.

An inkling is the beginning of an idea, of a road that leads to publication, a completed book, or wherever your vision takes you.


Let us help you reach your full creative potential so you can impact & inspire your readers.

About Our Founder

A published author, copywriter, content strategist, & former college professor, Kori Frazier Morgan's 17-year career in arts & letters has taken her many places.


However, her journey toward founding Inkling Creative Strategies began in the most unexpected place of all: during the global pandemic.

While interacting in several writer's groups online & on Zoom, she discovered that many people wanted to finish books, create stories, publish, & improve their writing, but lacked the direction to do so.

With her unique blend of education, creative writing & marketing expertise, Kori knew she was uniquely equipped to help authors discover & execute their visions for their writing. Inkling Creative Strategies was born.

Based in the Akron, Ohio area, Kori has worked with many writers over the years, including memoirists, poets, novelists, short story writers, journalists, songwriters, children's authors, & more.


She holds a B.A. in creative writing & professional writing from Ohio Northern University & a Master of Fine Arts in fiction writing from West Virginia University.

She is the author of The Goodbye-Love Generation: A Novel In Stories, & her work has appeared in Shenandoah, SN Review, Forge, Switchback, Prick of the Spindle, Scarlet Leaf Review, Blanket Sea, & other national & regional publications. She was named a nominee for Best of the Net 2020.


When she isn't writing or helping writers on their journeys, Kori can be found enjoying fellowship and doctrinally sound teaching at her local church, reading, cycling, watching movies, & spending time with her husband, Curtis, her dog, Augustus Waters Morgan, & her two cats, Moe & Anastasia.

A follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, Kori's personal mission is to glorify Him by inspiring & empowering writers to grow in their literary gifts & share the fruit of their talents in the form of completed books, stories, poems, essays, & more.


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