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Books By Inkling Authors

Awake in Olaiya

by ME Duffield

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God Speaks Personally

by Robert DiSilvestro


Mom's Magnavox

by Ben DiCola



by H.L. Gibson

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Margaret & Molly:

A Mystery in Hawaii

by Sarah Evangeline Martin

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Sober Chronicles™

by Marc Lee Shannon

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Psalms of Deconstruction

by Katie Rouse


Casey Grimes: The Mostly Invisible Boy by A.J. Vanderhorst

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A Forever Summer

by Havelah McLat


From Dog Collar to Dog Collar

by Bruce Howat

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The Universe Has

An Ocular Migraine

by Logan Roberts


Beyond the Front Door: Cultivating Rhythms of Abiding in Jesus

by Elizabeth Giger


The Truth Is...: Confessions & Tips From An Elementary
School Teacher

by Rebecca A. Thomas


Immortal Voices Carved In Black:
The Writers Group Anthology
by The Writers Group of Akron, Ohio

By Kori Frazier Morgan
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The Goodbye-Love Generation: A Novel In Stories

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