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Need a Guide on Your Writing Journey? 

Our Writing Mentorship Program Helps You Discover Your Craft, Style, & Process So You Can Create With Confidence
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New 2024 Pricing: $450
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Price: $350*

Click below to schedule a complimentary Discovery Meetup on Zoom to learn more.

*Offer ends January 31

Our Approach to Writing Mentorship

Ever start working on a project & just feel stuck? Is there a book you want to write, but you have no idea how to get started?

The fact writer is meant to finish this journey alone. The way you get to those last paragraph & the exhilaration of finally typing "THE END" is with someone there to be your guide.

That's what Inkling Creative Strategies does in our mentorship program. 

We work with you one on one for six weeks to discover your writing style, explore your influences, & understand your writing process with the goal of producing a completed piece of writing (book chapter, essay, story, or group of poems) within six weeks.

It's the easiest way to get the support you need to reach your creative potential so you can impact & inspire your readers.

Click the button below to schedule your Discovery Meetup on Zoom to find out more.

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How It Works
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We'll have a complimentary Discovery Meetup on Zoom to talk more about the program and see if it's a fit for your writing.


We work together for 6 weeks (one meetup per week) to explore your writing, including your influences, process, & style.

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You leave the mentorship program with a completed piece of writing that you can expand into a larger work, submit to publications, or continue to revise,

Meet Your Mentor

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Kori Frazier Morgan holds a B.A. in creative writing & professional writing from Ohio Northern University & a Master of Fine Arts in fiction writing from West Virginia University.

She is the author of The Goodbye-Love Generation: A Novel In Stories, & her work has appeared in Shenandoah, SN Review, Forge, Switchback, Prick of the Spindle, Scarlet Leaf Review, Blanket Sea, & other publications. She was nominated for Best of the Net 2020.

Outside of her creative accomplishments, she has taught creative writing & composition at the college level, mentored high school students in their writing pursuits, created educational materials for companies like McGraw-Hill,, & The Economist’ GRE preparation course, & worked as a copywriter & content strategist.


When she isn't helping writers on their journeys, Kori can be found reading, cycling, watching movies, & spending time with her husband, Curtis, her dog, Augustus Waters Morgan, & two cats, Moe & Anastasia.

"I'm less afraid to be myself in my writing now. It just feels more ME."

April DeBord,
Travel Writer

"When it comes to the English language, or to encouraging a person on his/her writing journey, Kori is an expert, & a wonderful person to work with."

Rebecca A. Thomas, Author of The Truth Is: Confessions & Tips from an Elementary School Teacher

"Kori's dedication & sheer joy for the creative process are infectious and inspiring. She'll ruin you for other editors."

Rebecca Jones,

Fiction Client

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of mentorship?

Think of this service as life coaching for your writing. Good writing isn't done in a vacuum—the more expertise you can enlist to grow in your gifts, the better your work will be.

Mentorship with Kori is part writer's group, part writing workshop, & part independent work. You can expect to receive regular feedback on your writing, discuss your influences, & get an idea of how to blend elements of your favorite writers into your writing process.


Plus: when you leave the program, you'll have a completed piece of writing (book chapter, story, group of poems, essay, etc) that you can continue to revise, submit, or expand.

What makes your services unique?


Kori doesn't just slap some comments on a Google doc, email it to you, & send you a bill. It creates a relationship. Think about it as life coaching for your novel or writing goals. You will get personalized attention & feedback every step of the way.

What training & experience do you have?


Kori Frazier Morgan has worked in multiple areas of professional writing fields for 17 years, with nearly half of that time spent teaching communications, creative writing, & composition at the college level.


She has also created educational materials for The Economist's GRE preparation course, McGraw-Hill, &, as well as working as a copywriter & content specialist. Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals, most notably Shenandoah, Forge, Switchback, & Blanket Sea, where she was nominated for Best of the Net 2020. She is the author of The Goodbye Love Generation: A Novel In Stories and her forthcoming essay collection Why I Dyed My Hair Purple and Other Unorthodox Stories.

What previous projects have you worked on?

Inkling has provided services for authors of memoirs, poetry collections, fantasy novels, literary fiction, essays, short stories, children's books, & much more. Many of our authors have gone on to publish their books, some of which are featured in our Bookstore.

How much does your mentorship typically cost without the discount?

The typical mentorship program is $450. However, for the months of December and January only, you'll receive a special discount! You can enroll in the entire six week mentorship program for $350.

Do you offer payment plans or flexible pricing?

YES! We want to make sure as many people as possible who need our services can access them. We will discuss your individual payment situation should you decide to sign up & work the plan into your contract.


Are all meetings done on Zoom or can we meet in person?


If you live in the Akron, Ohio area, we can meet in person. After you schedule, email to coordinate details for an in-person meeting.

What kind of guarantee do you have for your services?

All services are 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your experience for any reason, please contact us & we will issue a full refund.

Is this service confidential?

Inkling does NOT sell, transfer, or share ANY client information with ANY other party in any way. Our contact forms are on secure servers & all documents reviewed, as well as any feedback Inkling provides, remain the intellectual property of you, the original author. 


How do I get started?

The first step is a complimentary Discovery Meetup to find out more about the service & discuss some of the challenges you are facing with your work, as well as your current project. 

Working with a writing mentor is an act of trust. We don't want you to commit to anything until you ensure that this is a fit for your goals.

There is no obligation to sign up if you take the meetup. We want you to make the best creative decisions possible for your work.

Sound Good? Schedule Your Complimentary Discovery Meetup Now

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