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The Ultimate
Writing Project Workbook

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We get it...writing a book is hard.​


And it's even harder without the tools to spark your creativity.

This free ebook walks you through crafting each element of your book, from character development to setting to unearthing the personal passion that lies beneath your desire to write this book at this time.

Your collection of exercises, templates, worksheets & more will empower you to:

  • Discover your project's purpose so you can understand the root of your passion to create

  • Design your Ideal Reader Avatar so you can learn how to write a story they'll love

  • Get dozens of writing prompts to flesh out your characters so you can bring them to life

  • Explore the sensory details of your setting so you can invite readers into the places that matter most in your work

  • PLUS: Get a complimentary Virtual Meetup to talk about your new ideas

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